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Welcome to the premier Digital Arts & Design program in Middle Tennessee! During their four years with us at Rossview High School, students can become masters of photography, digital illustration, branding, and many other aspects of graphic design! Our program's primary goal is not only to help students discover and define their creativity as it applies to all areas of their education but also to prepare them for life outside the walls of Rossview. The skills developed during this program will help them transition smoothly into any technical, collegiate, or professional experience that awaits them after high school graduation.

Technology: Surface Studio 2 desktop computer

Cameras: Nikon D3200

Software: Adobe Creative CLoud Suite


Embrace your crazy ideas and creativity!


This includes respecting time, using respectful language, and being considerate of your classmates and teachers.


Speak for yourself, and take responsibility for your actions and your behavior. Being responsible helps you protect and build your future.


We expect a lot of you, and want you to do your best. Keep a positive attitude, prioritize your projects, and keep moving forward.

When our class starts, everything else should be put away and out of your mind. If you're working on a project, come in & pick up where you've left off.

I am grateful for what I learned in AMAT because it has helped me more than I ever thought it would. I originally joined the academy just so I could continue going to Rossview... I didn’t have a huge interest in digital arts and didn’t think it would help me much in the future. But now, I am a senior chemistry major at Austin Peay, and I can say it’s helped me a ton. Last night I had my first research symposium, and I built a website for it that wowed even the chair of the chemistry department because it was so well designed. I feel AMAT gave me great skills that I was able to take with me to tackle things like this that I otherwise would’ve had a way harder time doing than I did.

Shauna Caddell, c/o 2019

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